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Jonstoppable's Trading Journal
Welcome to Jonstoppable's Trading Journal! I'll be reflecting on my trading here.

Work & Laziness

Another long break after making very little progress.

I'm lazy, I know I won't review trades as much, and/or journal. I should try my best but be ok when I fail.  Continuous failures with unrealistic expectations compounds to make me demoralized and make me think I'm unfit for day trading.

I need to continuously work on identify...

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Need to Dos

There are too many things I know I need to do but I don't, and not tracking them maybe why I'm not improving.

From here on out, trade reviews & journaling is must before next trade day or NO TRADES

Need more detailed trade plan, without I just trade what I feel and it is leading to poor trading with no improvement (Need IF THENS,...

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